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Wow. An acoustic and somewhat country version of OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” which is pretty good.

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Drone by RicoLeffanta on Flickr.Awesome photo of a drone… likely to be used in an upcoming blog post, @mathewjschwartz

Drone by RicoLeffanta on Flickr.

Awesome photo of a drone… likely to be used in an upcoming blog post, @mathewjschwartz

Inventing the Hulahoop in The Hudsucker Proxy

I particularly enjoy the guys who are trying to come up with the name.

What I Believe

Working on a presentation for the Sales Acceleration Summit… perhaps a small point in the presentation, but a key one.

(Picture of course is a la Jessica Hagy who does this type of stuff so well.)

Bored Audience by jbherrera on Flickr.Great shot. Need this for upcoming presentation.

Bored Audience by jbherrera on Flickr.

Great shot. Need this for upcoming presentation.

Great view of Boston from the Hancock Tower today.

Great view of Boston from the Hancock Tower today.

My Favorite Tracks of 2013

I can’t believe it’s late January, and I haven’t published this blog yet.

Anyhow, 2013 was a year of transition for me in the way that I consumed music. I guess you can say I went “all cloud” by basically only listening to Spotify and no longer buying MP3s from iTunes or Amazon.

Being liberated from buying and downloading music seemed to widen my taste and give me many — perhaps too many — options to chose from.

The full playlist can be found here, but here are some highlights:

Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance and Get Lucky

Was this the year of Daft Punk or what? After being an underground or indie band for a long time, they broke out and then whamo, Get Lucky goes through the roof. These songs will always say “2013” to me.

More Pop and Dance Sounds

Perhaps this comes with having a broader palette available, or perhaps a sign of the time, but a whole bunch of pop and dance tracks jumped out at me this year:

I know Blurred Lines is so pop, but it’s also a great song. I’m totally sick of it by now, but hopefully it will sound good in 2015.

I’m not exactly how to categorize St. Lucia, except that Pitchfork called them “electro-pop”. All Eyes on You is a catch tune that has interesting lyrics unless you look too closely at them:

Know that I will take what I can

When you are there standing by

Soft, spoken in the dead of night

All eyes on you

But enjoyable none-the-less.

Alternative Rock and Indie

You know I’m not really sure what goes in what categories anymore, but in 2013 there were quite a few great tracks by bands who only use uppercase like CHVRCHES & MGMT

Some of my long-time favorites Of Montreal, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand put out albums that while not changing the world, were worth listening to and featured some great song:

and then of course the was Lorde, who wrote and performed the shockingly great Royals:

Hope you like the songs, and let me know what your favorites of 2013 were.

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Boy + Bot


Bought a new kids book yesterday. For some reason this one really jumped out at me.

Best thing about being the only one in the office is that I can set the music to 11.

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